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Systems and Process defines an organization and IT has the potential to redefine the way organization are managed. It applies to businesses as well as government. It is now all about effectiveness and about efficient.

Minimal effort, zero duplication, intuitive management and effective mapping of the goal is key to effective management.


Fast Customer handling, inventory management, schemes and promotions, multiple store hand are some of the specialised requirement for Retail operations.

We tie up with Fusion Retail, a specialised solution for retail businesses and Hotels. It captures most complex retail process across various segments from Hotel, Restaurants, Food Courts, Canteens, Sweet Shops, Super Markets, Garment and any other type of retail operation.

In most cases we get the client up and running in 48 hours.


Mobile has revolutionalized the space of field governance and monitoring. Combined with the power of precise GPS mapping, Mobile data capturing, cloud computing and data base analytics and it creates a great M-Governance.

We tie up with Soft Systems to offer Effective solutions for School Inspection, Mid-Day meal management, Surveys, Forest plantation improvement, Electric Meter Readings and many such interesting areas for better governance.

Our expertise lies in developing scalable solutions and deliver in record timings.


Customer is the key to any business. Working on the solid foundation of Sugar CRM we map the sales and support structure for various types of business processes. We are expert in cost and time analysis.

Integration of CRM with telephony and other legacy tools.


“Minimum Government Maximum Governance” is the key word. Ensuring that the benefits reach to the last man.

We specialize in Social Benefit Transfer, Education Delivery system and such specialized process for E-Governance.


In the ever growing service economy it’s the human resource which creates the key differentiation. We have developed an innovative solution for HR anchored around Objectives. It covers complete functionality starting from Recruitment, KRA, Monthly review, self service portal, requisition, leave management and other functionalities.


Most applications evolve with time. In all modern application based on RDBMS the Database plays a vital role.

We have got expertise to work on your database and tune it up for some great performance. In many cases the results had been upto 3x performance improvement.