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The largest employment generation sectors of the decade and one of the most exhaustive users of Information technology. With over millions of computer users the stakes for them are very high on IT infrastructure.

Expert Training & Services

The constant change of technology requires the Right person for the job and efforts to keep the persons skill relevant for the job.

We offer skill enhancement services – both on site and off-site on various subjects including technical & soft skills. We have a fully equipped Interactive Class Room backed up with Leased Line and server farm. This allows us to create the setup required for the training.

We also provide hiring services – One time as well as contract hires to help the client scale up for any project quickly.

Simplified Info-infra

Retail requires an infrastructure which can be easily managed and anyone can take charge of. All this while it ensures proper delivery all the time. We help stream line the IT infrastructure starting from better networks, to Audits, Mail management, Asset Management etc.

Surveillance is critical for any Retail / Hospitality business. We integrate Surveillance with IT framework. This covers open, covered, environmentally challenged areas, Areas with lighting problem etc. Areas were the distance is large. All of them can be brought under surveillance for proper control.

We integrate Surveillance for further integration with IT framework.

Green Computing

Over 70% of the computing power produced is not utilized. Over 50% of the Electricity used by computing devices are wasted and simply creates heat.

Our green computing initiative works towards the optimization of computing infrastructure for better utilization. We also help save upto 42% power on computers.

Our green computing efforts in the whole exercise also improves effectiveness, reduces management cost, reduces e-waste and improves the device life cycle. A win-win all way without compromising on productivity & user experience.

Secured Cyberway

As multiple stores are opened, e-commerce gets married to brick & mortar stores it is the cyberway which acts as the enabler. Lack of proper security can lead to businesses getting wiped out in a short span.

TIMES IT SOLUTIONS integrates robust End point – Network -, Application & Gateways to ensure an End to End Security. This is backed up with our Automated Cyber Security Audit to keep you safe – always.