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How does an IT managers ensure business continuity, smooth management of infrastructure, ensure the security and also optimizing the use of resources in minimum cost? Still setup a system for smooth handling by any one.

Rather than just about solving the problem we need to change the paradigm. Business goal has to be the focus and technology just as the tool for the purpose. On the day to day management it has to be simplified. This means a better engineered planning and deployment.


We ensure that the user gets to connect to the right platform without complexity. We leverage upon our Flexi-Client and Virtualization Platforms to integrate and create a smooth user experience.

Users can work seamlessly from their devices and connect to various platforms & applications demanded by the business requirement.


We smoothly integrate Copper-Fiber-Wireless and integrate Data-Video-Voice to get your devices (computer/laptop/tablet/ phones) to connect to Servers/ IPBX / Internet. This is done with keeping security, manageability & business continuity in mind.

It is backed up with various housings for giving your infrastructure a modern and clean look. No messing around.


Email is the official documentation with a legal status. We help organize the emails with out recommended Mail Vault solution. It archives email from all standard email server. It can even backup email without a mail server. With smart filters & management algorithms it reduces the back up size to around 40%.

Now you can search across the mailboxes and recreate the mail box with various parameters.


Managing the IT assets is a big pain. We recommend Asset Plugin with IPM+ for a simple and effective Asset Analytic along with Power Savings.

For a more exhaustive management we recommend SIEMAT ( Security Incidence Events Management & Audit Tool) which can be up-scaled up to integrate with NOC (Network Operations Center) and provide an End to End solution for Asset Management & Policy Enforcement.


Multiple ways of connecting between branches, fusing and balancing the available bandwidth , managing patches in OS & Applications are all very time consuming but business critical functions.

We combine various technologies to make that task simple. We even help you create a fusion of bandwidth from various ISP, Data Cards & broad band to offer powerful & reliable connectivity (both inbound & outbound).


Setting up each computer is painful and time consuming and boring. Now just setup 1 PC with OS & Application and simply do an active Cloning across the Network. No running around, No CDs, DVDs, External Media. Hundreds of Machines ready in just couple of hours.

Need a new Application. Just Install on One Computer and replicate it sitting on one PC.