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Our dependence on IT has made all our functions dependent on computing devices. Defense forces and functions are no exception. Protecting the information and also ensuring that the IT infrastructure cannot be crippled by cyber-attacks are of great concern for the Army.
Defense services being institutional in nature needs to have a managed infrastructure for anyone to take charge of.
Social inclination of the Defense services warrants them to opt for Green Computing initiatives.

Green Computing

Over 70% of the computing power produced is not utilized. Over 50% of the Electricity used by computing devices are wasted and simply creates heat.

Our green computing initiative works towards the optimization of computing infrastructure for better utilization. We also help save upto 42% power on computers.

Our green computing efforts in the whole exercise also improves effectiveness, reduces management cost, reduces e-waste and improves the device life cycle. A win-win all way without compromising on productivity & user experience.

Secured Cyberway

TIMES IT SOLUTIONS has developed a very special tool (CSAT – Cyber Secuirty Audit Tool) with Defense Services in Mind. It gives unified control on System security, Compliance and configuration integrity. It also combines all the functionalities of SIEM (Security Incidence and Event Management) and can be integrated with a NOC (Network Operation Centre) & SOC (Security Operation Centre).

TIMES IT SOLUTIONS Services on CyberAudit, Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Penetration Test (PT) and Forensic Analysis complements the CSAT tool.

TIMES IT SOLUTIONS integrates robust end point – Network -, Application – Gateway security with proven credentials. Data encryption & User authentication (2 Factor, OTP etc.) and other security tools are also used.

Specialized Licensing & Training

Our training division conducts special training courses on various aspects of IT Infrastructure and Application Management. IT includes Security, ITIL, Green Computing, Database management, Software Development, Application management etc.

Simplified Info-infra

Institutions requires an infrastructure which can be easily managed and anyone can take charge of. All this while it ensures proper delivery all the time. We help stream line the IT infrastructure starting from better networks, to Audits, Mail management, Asset Management etc.

We tie up with Soft Systems to offer Effective solutions for School Inspection, Mid-Day meal management, Surveys, Forest plantation improvement, Electric Meter Readings and many such interesting areas for better governance.

We integrate Surveillance for further integration with IT framework.