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Internet and Computers has integrated with life and business alike – Internet-based applications, cloud services, mobile devices, Online shopping/banking etc. The commerce has become E-Commerce & security became e-security.

As money has moved to Computers Data Theft, Phishing, Cyber Bullying, DDOS / DOS attacks, Ransomware etc are the new definitions of crime. Obviously it requires new tools & strategy to defend.


Loosely referred to as Anti Virus , a quality endpoint solution protects against malwares & protection from cyber threats. We recommend ESET Smart Security. ESET uses theBest Technology , have the distinction of Most Award Winning to deliver the unmatched security with smooth user experience for almost every device – Desktop/ Laptop / Tablet / Mobile.

We also recommend you to install ESET Social Media Scanner in your face book for a fantastic security.


For critical functions like Defense Services, Police, Government , research institutions etc which are prone to espionage the need of security is different.

Cyber Security Audit Tool (CSAT) records all cyber activities on every device & network. It can enforce policy, raise alerts on attempt to violations & also creates evidences for Cyber Forensic. TIMES IT SOLUTIONS has over 7 years of experience in deploying and managing CSAT tool with most sensitive customers.


The Internet Connection which connects the internal network to Internet is the Gateway. Enforcing safe & clean internet traffic is the role of Gateway security. Now they are referred to as NGF (Next Generation Firewalls). We recommend Fortigate for most cases. For more specific cases we do integrate technologies from FireEye and other security vendors.

For inhouse email server we recommendFortimail, a secure mail server , for Web application we recommend FortiWeb and for Database security FortiDB.


Organisations require various connectivity solutions to securely connect branches, employees , customers, vendors and other stake holders.

We integrate various technologies starting from VPM, MPLS etc to very specialized solutions like FortiToken from Fortinet, Eset Authentication for One Time Password (OTP) , Secure Web Browser integrated with Application Publishing in Browser through TSPlus etc.

Enhanced security solution with Data Encryption products like DesLock is integrated & implemented by our Team.


With wired / wireless and distributed network it is important to have proper security. TIMES IT SOLUTIONS team integrates various technologies & products to give a seamless performance with security.

User Identity Management, 2 Factor Authentication, Managed Switches, Secure Wireless and other relevant technologies are integrated.

Fortinet, Peplink, Edimax, Tectona, Eset are our lead technology partners.


Physical Surveillance with combination of high quality cameras and controllers.

Combined with host of Boosters, converters and network extenders it is possible to have top quality surveillance setup in most demanding terrain and spread out locations as well.

It provides Forensic visual data to cover up for any incidences.


Data at rest & data in transit both need proper care. Best of the class encryption toll of DesLock is used by us for protection.

Further we design and implement Military grade data security solution specific to the user.


TIMES IT SOLUTIONS leverages it’s expertise to provide consultancy and training for Enterprise Users.

This practical hands on training is custom made for the client’s requirement.