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TIMES IT SOLUTIONS provides wide range of Interactive Solutions suitable for Classrooms, Training Halls, Presentation and Seminars.
We supply Interactive AV System for Digital Class Rooms which are made of graded raw material. Our range of products include Interactive Interactive Boards, Projectors,Slates and Pads . These systems are made using latest technology and feature long service life, quality and better performance.

Interactive WhiteBoard System (EyeRIS)

An interactive whiteboard is an instructional tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital projector. The instructor can then manipulate the elements on the board by using his finger as a mouse, directly on the screen. Items can be dragged, clicked and copied and the lecturer can handwrite notes, which can be transformed into text and saved.

Interactive Whiteboard System (EyeRIS) Smart Classroom

EyeRIS is the ground-breaking, feature-rich and portable interactive whiteboard system based on the pioneering Visual Touch platform from Cybernetyx which supports Multitouch, Multiuser and gesture based interaction on about any surface.

The term Multitouch refers to the ability not only to detect physical touches and movements on a screen, but to detect and track multiple touches and movements simultaneously. Touch events are similar to mouse events, except that you can receive and track more than one of them at once, and touch events do not support mouse-specific concepts such as hovering.

Qualities of Interactive Whiteboard:

Surface Independent:

While other IWB solutions in the market are board-based solutions, EyeRIS device stands out to be completely surface independent. It gives you freedom to operate any area of the screen without having to strain yourself.

Multi-Touch Multi-User Interface:

EyeRIS has an intrinsic support for iPhone like gesture based multitouch control over the applications. EyeRIS is the only interactive solution in the industry today to support more than 255 simultaneous touches on the board.


EyeRIS is today, arguably, the smallest interactive whiteboard system in the world with a size of 3”X2”X1.5”, and weighing under 300 gms. It is about 100 times lighter than the general board based solution. Unlike other solutions in the market, EyeRIS device can be mounted on the ceiling with the projector, thus preventing acts of vandalizing seen with board based solutions.

Interactive Area:

EyeRIS supports one of the industry’s largest size of 160” diagonal, and is an optimum solution for large audiences and larger rooms.

Extendable, Occlusion-free Stylus Pens:

Due to its unique telescopic design, a standard EyeRIS pointer allows you to reach the obscure corners of the screen. In addition, all EyeRIS e-pens are implemented on an award-winning Sword-FishTM design which eradicates the problems of occlusion faced with several interactive whiteboard solutions in the market today.

Visual Touch Software:

EyeRIS is based on the pioneering Visual Touch optical tracking engine for unmatched writing performance and comfort. It comes with an out-of-the-box compatibility with all windows applications and with several web based e-learning solutions.

Unique Laser based calibration for faster setup:

EyeRIS device uses an inbuilt laser mechanism to assist the entire process of calibration so that the entire interactive whiteboard setup can be completed within 10 seconds.


Turn any wall into an interactive whiteboard and interact from anywhere in the classroom!

Project your lesson

Engage the whole classroom with your teaching by projecting your screen big and bold for everyone to see.

TIMES IT SOLUTIONS partner with the leading projector vendors to bring you the best choice of value and functionality. We have a wide range of projectors available with education and corporate warranty options.

Our audio visual specialists can help you choose the right category and model of projector to suit your budget and function.

Pole-mounted projector

Pole-mounted projectors are fixed to the ceiling on a short rod, keeping them well out of the way during classroom or meeting activity.

  • Out of the way ceiling mounted
  • Free pre-installation site survey
  • Education warranties available
  • Easy to use

Ultra-short throw projector

Ultra short throw projectors mount to the top of the projection screen, requiring very little distance to project their image. They are tough and durable and have the latest technology to create great images without taking up space.

  • Mounted to top of screen
  • Space saving
  • Tough and durable
  • Latest ultra-short throw technology
  • Free pre-installation site survey
  • Education and corporate warranties available
  • Easy to use

LED projector

LED display technology projects brighter, more vivid images onto your screen using less power to do so. Coupled with intelligent fan control, this means significantly less energy consumption and wear, resulting in 5 year warranty availability

  • Brighter, more vivid images
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Various mounting options
  • Free pre-installation site survey
  • 5 year warranties available
  • Easy to use

Digital Podium

TIMES IT SOLUTIONS offers the most innovative smart classroom equipment, i.e. DIGITAL PODIUM As the name suggests digital means “technology” and the podium means a lecture stand; the amalgamation of both can transform the learning into mind-boggling yet interesting session. Our Model Name is i-Touch Lectern that comprises various media components/devices to be versatile in nature.

Make your presentation more interactive and organized by using a built in PC and get them displayed on a 19″ Interactive Monitor. Globus Digital Podium / Lectern also houses an inbuilt audio system comprising of Amplifier, Speakers and wireless microphone. It is ideal for Classrooms, Auditoriums, Universities, Polytechnics, Board Rooms, ITIs, Offices, Engineering/ Medical Colleges, Ops Rooms, Training Rooms, Conference Rooms etc.